Melasma | Sun Damage Treatment Mask

Electrode Infusion Mask to Repair Discolored Skin

Melasma Skin Correction
*Results Vary from Person to Person

Frequently Asked Microcurrent Mask Questions

What is the Microcurrent Mask?
The mask is designed to deliver a proprietary solution deeper into the epidermis than applying a topical application alone. Better penetration delivers great results to diminish pigmentation issues and achieve a radiant, more even complexion.
How Does The Microcurrent Mask Work?
This is a clinically proven micro current mask that pushes a 20% C+ Liquid Gold Infusing Serum 300% deeper into the skin -more than other more invasive methods!
How many Microcurrent Mask Treatments Will I need?
An inital in office 1 hour treatment initiates the treatment plan. The reusable mask treatment requires 6-8 additional at home sessions twice weekly for an 3-4 weeks to maximize results and achieve your desired aesthetic goal.
Are there any restrictions for using the Microcurrent Mask?
There are no restrictions for the microcurrent mask. The microcurrent patch is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Individuals with especially sensitive skin may experience a slight redness where the neck patch is placed on skin. This is safe and normal and typically goes away within a couple of minutes of removing the mask.
What is the treatment price for the Microcurrent Mask?
Only $299. Don't wait any longer. It's time to improve your complexion. 

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