Age Spots, Sun Damage & Freckle Removal Treatment
with Laser


     Are you tired of covering up your brown spots? 

*Results Vary from Person to Person
Brown skin discolorations is caused by over-exposure to sunlight or tanning lights.

These discolorations are often referred to as age spots, sun spots, freckles or liver spots.,

They are often seen on the face, chest, hands, arms and shoulders.

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa in Boston and Rhode Island we can eliminate brown spots with laser treatments.

How to get Rid of Sun Spots & Age Spots

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions in Wilmington, MA & Pawtucket RI we offer Brown Spot removal with Laser. This treatment provides excellent results with banishing age spots, brown discoloration, freckles, and other hyperpigmentation issues.

Each individual spot is treated with a laser beam that breaks up the pigmentation. A light crusting/scabbing will form over the next 2-3 days. This typically sloughs off over the next 4-7 days leaving you with fresh new skin. Light spots are typically removed in a single treatment. Darker spots will lighten up but may require another treatment to eliminate. Each brown spot responds differently.

Do you have brown discolouration over your whole Face?

If your complexion has a general brown tone that covers most of your face we suggest considering a Micro Laser Peel for a full face rejuvenation treatment.
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