Non-Surgical Body Contouring Fat Removal


Non Surgical Fat Removal with UltraShape Power is the new, cutting-edge way to eliminate stubborn body fat once and for all – without surgery or downtime.

Why You'll Love It

  • UltraShape Power – is the perfect treatment for laser fat removal as it’s just 3 easy pain-free sessions.
  • Clinical studies show laser fat removal with Ultrashape Power has the highest percentage non-surgical laser fat removal available today (32%).
  • Finally there is a way to reduce fat in a problem area of your body!
  • FDA approved, virtually painless 1 hour treatment.
  • Less costly than surgical liposuction and with no recovery time!

How The treatment Works

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Do you know that Body Contouring can be achieved without surgical incisions or downtime. UltraShape Power uses ultrasound technology to rupture and destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer using focused ultrasound energy.

UltraShape’s ultrasound technology actually ruptures the fat cells, resulting in immediate destruction – unlike other devices that just melt fat out of the cell, but the cell stays intact.

Once ruptured, the contents of the cells are flushed through your lymphatic system and cleared from your body. Over the next 90 days, you’ll notice a reduction in fat volume. Results are expected to last, especially if you maintain your weight and enjoy a healthy diet and exercise.

About UltraShape Power

With UltraShape Power, you can achieve fat loss in an area that has always been a problem for you. The beginning of fat reduction is usually seen within the first 14 days post-treatment! Maximum body contouring results are not achieved until about 60-90 days after the final treatment session.

This is a FDA-approved machine, and the procedure is a virtually painless 1 hour long session. 3 or more sessions are recommended depending on how much reduction is desired.

Overall, this less costly than surgical liposuction with no pain or recovery time!

About Coolsculpting and Other Treatments vs Ultrashape Power

We chose Ultrashape Power as our technology for body contouring and excess fat removal vs Coolsculpting as it does not have a limitation to the size of area being treated. Coolscuplting freezes the fat with a clamp on suction type device. Coolsculpting pricing is by the clamp. Most often an area like the abdomen requires 2-4 clamps clamps to target both upper and lower abdomen. And, just like Ultrashape, Coolscuplting generally needs multiple sessions for optimal reduction in a targeted area.

With Ultrashape, we use a flattop handpiece that glides across the skin area being treated. The area to be treated is mapped out with a surgical marker. It can be any shape or size – horizontal or vertical in and in any pattern – it does not have to be just what fits in a suction handpiece like Coolscupting. The ultrasound technology waves in UltraShape treatments ruptures the face cell which results in its immediate destruction.

The UltraShape Power procedure is safe. It targets fat cells in a particular area, whilst protecting the outside layers of skin, nerves and blood vessels in a virtually pain-free method.

UltraShape body contouring laser fat removal treatments are pain free and do not have any post-treatment soreness, lumps, or “shelving” most often seen in CoolSculpting or standard liposuction and laser lipolysis. Other competing devices like i-lipo don’t rupture the fat cell, but instead melt the fat out of the fat cell – but the fat cell stays intact.

A Patients Talks about her Ultrashape experience

Ultrashape Power / Exilis Ultra Combo Treatment

Ultrasound and radio-frequency are the most studied and tested technologies for body contouring. Fat loss is enhanced when we use both devices. Ultrashape will destroy fat cells, but my utilizing Exilis as well, more fat cells can be targeted which will increase fat loss circumference and also provide skin tightening for sagging skin. If you already have skin laxity in the area being treated we would highly recommend a combination treatment.

For a tightening effect, the Exilis Ultra device uses radio-frequency combined with ultrasound energy to tighten sagging skin and also increase the metabolic activity of the fat cells, which causes fat to be released and the cells to shrink. By combining both devices, an enhanced result will be achieved as fat is removed and skin is tightened simultaneously.

Body contouring fat reduction with an UltraShape/Exilis Ultra combo is usually seen 3 weeks after the first session. Patient satisfaction rate is high with circumferential reduction after 3 treatments of each device, spaced at weekly intervals.  

All of this occurs in a virtually painless 60 minute in-office procedure with no downtime or limitations on your activities!  

This procedure is an affordable, cost-effective solution compared to full liposuction.

If the skin in the treated area already has some laxity, an Exilis Ultra skin tightening treatment after an UltraShape Power fat reduction session is recommended.

RealSelf reports nearly 94% of patients surveyed reported that they were satisfied with their UltraShape laser fat removal results.

When looking at clinical studies, it shows that UltraShape treatments have the highest percentage of laser fat reduction versus other devices by about 32 percent. 

How to know if Non-Invasive Laser Fat Removal is right for you.

Generally, laser fat removal is the right choice for you if:

  • You are struggling with pockets of fat that won’t diminish even with diet and exercise programs;
  • You have an undesirable “problem area” on your body, i.e. abdomen, flanks, back or thighs, etc.; or
  • You wish to achieve a trimmer appearance without having to undergo major surgery.
  • If your abdominal muscles have been stretched out due to pregnancy a surgical tummy tuck would be recommended.

Schedule a Body Contouring Consultation

If you’re considering a non-surgical solution for fat removal and body contouring in the Massachusetts area- contact us to see if you’re a candidate for the Ultrashape Power Body Contouring procedure. It’s easy, just fill out our online form or book via our online scheduling app today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Fat Removal

How to get rid of belly fat without surgery.?

With Ultrashape Power we can reshape and reduce the fat in your abdomen area. Fat cells will rupture and die off thus permanently removing the unwanted fat cells.

Does UltraShape power really work?

Yes! Clinical studies show fat cells are removed in the treated area.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend three laser fat removal treatments, spaced two weeks apart. In addition, pre-hydrating and maintaining high water hydration is required to assist your body in clearing the fat from your system.

Are UltraShape treatments painful?

UltraShape Power is an effective nonsurgical alternative to patients seeking a reduction of localized fat deposits without undergoing surgery. There is no pain or downtime.

Does UltraShape tighten skin?

Ultrashape does NOT tighten skin. It only destroys fat cells. If you need skin tightening we recommend either Exilis or Scarlet RF Microneedling.

Is UltraShape permanent?

Yes. The fat cells in the treated area are permanently destroyed.

Should I lose weight before treatment?

You do not have to wait until after you lose weight to have this procedure. Dieting and exercise is most effective on visceral fat, whereas UltraShape laser fat removal targets the subcutaneous fat that is the most difficult to reduce with diet and exercise.

How long do the results last?

Since fat cells are destroyed, you will see a long-lasting effect without maintenance treatments. Naturally, weight gain can still occur if you are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Does UltraShape Power treatments hurt?

UltraShape Power is an effective nonsurgical alternative to patients seeking a reduction of localized fat deposits without undergoing surgery. There is no pain or downtime.

How much does UltraShape cost?

Pricing varies based on size of area being treated. Unlike Coolsculpting, we can treat small egg size areas to large basketball size areas.

What should I do before an UltraShape Power & Exilis Treatment?

Get your body ready for a non-surgical body contouring by the best way to maximize Hydration is an extremely important component for successful improvement of the area being treated. Be sure to:

  • Drink at least 64oz of water starting 2 days prior to your appointment
  • Eat healthy – avoid high fat foods, fried foods and alcohol
  • Limit coffee to 1 cup a day
  • Wear lightweight clothes to your treatment

For Exilis treatments, you may also take Advil or Motrin for added comfort 1 hour prior to your treatment.

Who is not a candidate for UltraShape Power Laser Fat Removal Treatments:

Contraindications (medical reasons where this procedure could be dangerous) for UltraShape Body Contouring laser fat removal are:

  • Pacemaker, implanted cardiac defibrillator, or other electromagnetic implanted devices
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding, or anticipated pregnancy during the treatment phase
  • Metabolic disorders or are currently taking any medication that could affect fat metabolism
  • Hepatitis or other liver diseases
  • Immune system disease or connective tissue disorders
  • History of poor wound healing, an open wound, or rash in the treatment area
  • Keloids, hypertrophic scars, or depressed scars in the treatment area
  • Blood or a bleeding disorder
  • UltraShape is not a treatment for obesity or weight loss. If you have a large area of fat to be treated, we recommend considering plastic surgery.

During your consultation, make sure to address any concerns you have about your general health and well-being prior to treatment.

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