Pro Anti-Aging: Removing Face Wrinkles with Laser Skin Resurfacing... (Because, of course, you don't want to look any older!)

  • By Norma Cataldo
  • 06 Jan, 2016

 Skin Laser Resurfacing with either Fractional CO2 or Sublative Laser Rejuvenation may be for you.

Laser Treatments are the only way to stimulate collagen to stay/look younger

Are you thinking about Laser Skin Resurfacing ? If you're in the 30-60+ age group you're probably seeing the signs of aging on your face.  Fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots from too much sun exposure, roughness of skin, and as you age, sagging in the jowl area - the result? The aging process is starting to show on your face.

If your in the younger crowd your looking to maintain your skin and keep the collagen stimulated.  For those a little older, facial surgery is an option but alot of people find they're not ready for a surgical procedure.    Laser resurfacing with Fractional CO2 gives you the next best thing to surgery.  Whether you'd like to maintain or restore your face we can help.  And, better yet, fractional technology is safer, and has less downtime than the traditional CO2 from years ago.

Fractional CO2 repairs wrinkles, sun-damage, enlarged pores, texture and tightening of your skin. In addition, patients with rolling or crevice type acne scarring see vast improvements. Although the procedure requires approximately one week of recovery, the post healing process is more visually unappealing than it is painful.

Typically, immediately post treatment, it feels more like an intense sunburn for a few hours. As this subsides you will have some redness and swelling. Redness increases over the next few days, then turns to a dark brown/bronzing stage and then flakes off. New, blemish free skin is now visible. Unfortunately, now is where you need patience. The collagen building process to smooth out wrinkles is not instantaneous.   Your wrinkles will continue to improve over the next 3-6 month. Basically, your body requires time to build up the collagen level in your skin. Don't worry though- Your friends will notice you did something. Just by removing the dullness to your skin, your face will be more youthful looking -lighter, brighter, tighter..and it will only get better!!

The Fractional CO2 laser treatment is typically a one treatment process, although in some cases a second treatment may be recommended in problem areas.  If you lifestyle doesn't allow for a week recovery time, we also offer the Ematrix/ETwo laser treatment which can deliver similar results over a multi treatment protocol with minimal healing time.  Treatment options include full face or targeted areas such as upper lip lines or under eye wrinkles - or a custom area designed for you.

Click Here to find out more information about face wrinkle treatments or to schedule a comprehensive consultation, please contact our offices at 857-288-8257 MA or 401-726-6611 RI.  On-line Scheduling is also available at our website:

We look forward to keeping you young looking!

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By Norma Cataldo 23 May, 2017
* Results Vary Person to person - (see disclosure for more information)
By Norma Cataldo 25 Mar, 2017
So, What does your FACE Need help with?

Wrinkles, lax skin, sun-damage or scars from acne? What should you do?

We have an answer: A laser treatment called Sublative Rejuvenation.  Instead of chemical peels or microdermabrasion, this treatment can improve so much more.  Sublative Rejuvenation uses radio frequency technology to tighten skin, erase fine lines, shrink large pores and heal previous acne scarring.

If you're currently doing microcurrent facials (that have short-lived results) at salons and spas it's time to move up to Sublative Radiofrequency treatments. Not only that - Patients can expect even more.  You also get tone, texture and sundamage improvement as a result of increased levels of collagen and elastin along with resurfacing of surface skin - and with results that last much longer!

The Sublative Rejuvenation treatment works by pushing fractional bipolor radiofrequency energy into the skin to initiate a healing response without causing too much damage to the surface of the skin. This allows for the most energy to get underneath  the skin to really where it can induce the most collagen production.

Even better...SUBLATIVE rejuvenation is safe for all skin types  — from light skin to dark skin or dry to sensitive to oily skin and everything in between, everyone is a candidate for the treatment!

Yeah!!  Love Sublative. Come into Cosmetic Laser Solutions in Wilmington, MA or Pawtucket, RI and find out more about what you can do for your face. 857-288-8257 or email us:  #SublativeRejuvenation, #Ematrix, #Microcurrent, #AcneScars, #Boston, #Botox, #Facials, #Providence, #FaceTreatment
By Norma Cataldo 01 Feb, 2017

First off,  whatever you need to remember that whatever products you apply to your skin gets absorbed by your body - right down into your lymphatic system. That means everything in your skin care product inevitably becomes part of your system, inevitably. Be careful - alot of  skin care products contain many toxins – including carcinogens.

Now, let's take a look at   coconut oil

About Coconut Oil  

Coconut oil contains a variety of natural vitamins and minerals.  It also possesses both anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil is edible and it's a relatively inexpensive item.  It offers great healing properties and it helps you restore your skin  naturally.

Great Skincare Conditions it can Help With:

1. Wrinkles

The dreaded anticipation of wrinkles. We know they're coming, so gear up with coconut oil to fight them off! 

Coconut Oil has a plethora of antioxidants. Coconut oil protects your skin from the outdoor elements which break down skin cells.  Add on a medical grade  Vitamin A and E skincare product and you've got a rock solid foundation for collagen stimulation which helps keep your skin firm.

What about sagging skin? Coconut oil prevents skin sagging and wrinkles by maintaining the connective tissues in the skin. 


How to Prepare

To fight wrinkles, you can use coconut oil as a stand-alone product or combine it with Medical Grade Vitamin A & E for best results.

  • Just before you go to bed each night, simply massage extra virgin organic coconut oil onto the affected area (wrinkled skin).
  • Apply Medical Grade Vitamin AE
  • Do this until the coconut formula combo gets absorbed completely.
  • Do not try to wash it off, leave overnight.
  • Be diligent in applying daily.
  • For faster results, make a habit of consuming 3 tablespoons of coconut every day to jumpstart beautiful skin from within.

2. Scars

Unfortunately, youth acne can often lead to acne scars.  Discoloration and uneven pigment on your face could be embarrassing and oftentime affect one's self confidence and self-esteem. 

Coconut oil’s make-up (i.e., Lauric acid, vitamin E, Capric, Caprylic acid) is a great remedy for fading scars. Add on a Medical Grade Vitamin E Skincare Product and you'll find it will speed up the healing of skin abrasions and a host of other skin injuries to the skin. As an added bonus, coconut oil prevents the formation of more scars as its strong antioxidant presence  acts as a defensive barrier.

How to Prepare  

Scarring can be minimized with this routine and you get a soothing effect that’s beneficial in the area applied.

  • Heat the coconut oil so it liquefies.
  • Take warm oil into your palm.
  • Massage the area of the scar gently, at least once per day.
  • You may apply 2-4 times a day for faster healing.
  • Leave the oil on the affected areas to let your skin absorb as much of it as possible.

Which Coconut Oil Should I Choose?

Be aware, not all coconut oil is equal. Don't put coconut cooking oil on your face! 

Here are quick and easy steps to identify the coconut oil superfood that your skin needs.

Basically, there are two kinds of coconut oil, one that comes from sun-dried coconuts and the other from fresh coconuts. Coconut oil extracted from sun-dried coconut and is derived by applying very high heat. Coconut Cooking Oil has many chemicals involved in the refining process and not suitable for skin care.

The other type of coconut oil comes from the freshest of coconuts. What’s notable is that high heat isn’t used in extracting the fruit’s oil. Thus, not only does the resulting oil taste and smell a lot like coconuts, it carries the most nutrients. Dubbed unrefined coconut oil, or organic virgin coconut oil (VCO), this is the coconut oil that you should go for, as it has the most coco nutrients preserved.

Make sure you check labels to be sure it is organic or virgin. 

If you’re still not sure if using coconut oil is good for your skin, try applying some on a small skin wound. You’ll be surprised how much faster the wounds will heal with regular application. Then, when your comfortable start using on a "problem area" of your face and watch the improvement.

Luckily, coconut oil has a lot to offer in the anti-inflammatory and analgesic departments. This is the reason why it’s virtually a one-stop shop for many skin irregularities, including eczema, psoriasis, acne and much more.  Organic Coconut Oil has been become a staple beauty product and should definitely be added to your face care regiment.

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