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Why come to our MedSpa? logo-icon

Signature treatments that are unique and specially customized for:

We strive to make your skin the very best it can be.

We specialize in preventing, restoring and maintaining your skins appearance, at every age group, in order to minimize wrinkles and defy loose skin as you age.

Once we reach a desired goal, we’ll develop a plan to maintain your results – despite the aging process.

With these advanced solutions, patients seeking to rejuvenate their face or body can regain new confidence in their appearance.

Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa is your go-to provider for powerful, proven and proprietary laser combinations that leave you looking and feeling better than ever.

We are a non-franchise, boutique style Medical Spa.

Our MedSpa selects only proven laser technology, backed by science, re-imagined and elevated.

Why come to our MedSpa? logo-icon Getting the results you’ve been hoping for doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by design. As a new patient, we will restore your skin flaws and then educate you on yearly treatment plans necessary to maintain youthful-looking skin as you age


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3 Reasons Why We Deliver Great Results

Why come to our MedSpa? logo-icon

Reason #1: We Only Select Laser Technology Backed by Science

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa, we continually search for lasers that deliver best in class results.

  • Each service is tested and vetted to insure protocols are based on both science and for maximizing results.
  • We promise to always deliver premium patient care that is set to the highest standards.
  • We have spent an enormous amount of time testing and evaluating devices and protocols before adding them as a service to our patients.

Reason # 2. Customized Laser Treatment Plans with Outstanding Results

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions we address your concerns with a solution that results in the best possible treatment plan for the best result possible result.

It’s not a one size fits all scenario.

And all with great results that really work.

Why come to our MedSpa? logo-icon
Why come to our MedSpa? logo-icon

Reason #3: Innovative Protocols

Our motto is to always be at the forefront of giving our patients new innovative protocols and cutting edge technologies that are based on achieving real results.

Our goal is to prevent, correct, restore, and maintain your skin so you can maintain a youthful and healthy glow.

What’s New?

Bio-Revitalization with Cell Induction Therapy Microneedling are the newest ways to address anti-aging.

If you want your skin to age slowly, you need to keep your cells at peak levels. Now offering Cell Induction Therapy.

Leading the way in the next generation of skin health in the Boston area, we’ve added bio-stimulation, exosomes and growth factor procedures.

This treatment involves Microneedling with advanced restoration serums to rebuild your skin at the cellular level. It’s fantastic.

This is the newest way to regenerate younger skin by rebuilding cell communication from within.

In addition, we’ve designed multi-device protocols for advanced skin correction procedures such as acne scarring, cellulite, stretchmarks and body fat removal.

Let us create a plan to keep your skin bright, tight, and looking younger than you really are. Prevent and maintain.

Call us..we have a solution just for you.

Why come to our MedSpa? logo-icon

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