Hair Loss Rejuvenation


Cosmetic Laser Solutions is the 1st in the area to introduce a new bio-identical solution for hair loss – PEPFACTOR!  Pepfactor -a bio-identical protein formula – is a new, innovative method that stimulates, thickens and regrows hair follicles with rave reviews!

Why You'll Love It

  • Thicker and healthier hair growth
  • Short office procedure
  • No down time
  • Extremely low risk of side effects
  • 4-6 easy, weekly sessions

How The treatment Works

This is an advanced skin and scalp serum – and the world’s first uniquely formulated protein developed by doctors and scientists. This natural formulation regenerates hair follicles along with fibroblast stimulation properties for scalp health as well as hair re-genesis. This is also an alternative to a plasma blood draw treatment or as an adjunct combination treatment to maximize hair follicle growth.

How does the Pepfactor hair loss treatment work?

The PepFactor Serum works by stimulating inactive hair follicles on your scalp, encouraging tissue growth and healing. PepFactor ingredients have also shown to help slow down hair loss as well as stimulate new re-growth. hair.At each appointment, a microneedling treatment creates channels for the special formula enriched with Copper Peptide and propriety ingredients to penetrate the scalp for hair growth and thickening. The ingredients helps encourage more voluminous, younger-feeling hair, with visible results after just four weeks of weekly applications.

What is the in the Pepfactor serum?

The treatment starts with a microneedling tool to create small channels in your scalp. This will allow deeper penetration of the compounding solution to reach your hair follicles. The Pepfactor Serums bio-identical growth factors is a compound that has 146 amino acids in the solution. The serum infusion is the much needed growth factors for your hair rebirth. . It is a natural formation that is formulated to be EXACTLY like us- meaning there is no side effects from the product.

Hair Loss Rejuvenation PepFactorHairLoss

Hair loss, as you know first hand, can have an effect on your confidence. Both men and women alike are devastated when they notice their hair is thinning or beginning to fall out. There are many reasons that hair loss can happen including genetics and stress.

Before/After 4 sessions, one week apart.

This ultimate treatment plan is a solution for scalp rejuvenation that can help treat up to stage 5 hair loss. There are 7 stages of male pattern baldness. (although patterns are similar for women) The first stage starts with a slightly receding hairline and stage 5 is where there is a horseshoe-shaped hairline and hair loss becomes hard to treat. It is important to have a sufficient amount of collagen in the scalp to strengthen the hair follicles and improve hair growth. This natural compound is an excellent protein which rejuvenates the scalp. It can also be used in conjunction with other treatments to encourage hair growth. We recommend adding light therapy and a plasma draw treatment a part of the treatment series protocol.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma and is it better for hair re-growth?

Platelet-rich plasma is an innovative method that allows you to use your own plasma to stimulate and regrow hair follicles that have become dormant. This procedures involves drawing your blood and placing it in a centrifuge to be spun down and separated to just the plasma liquid. The natural growth factors and stem cells in the platelet-rich portion of your blood is injected into the scalp, enhancing thicker and healthier hair growth.

Activated plasma initiates a natural and normal process in your body leading to the growth of new hair follicles.

This is a short office procedure with no down time and very unlikely risk of side effects.

While treatments such as grafting and hair transplants mean time away from your career and life, a plasma or the Pepfactor Hair Loss Program takes as little as 30-45 minutes and there is no discomfort or recovery time. Afterwards, you can easily resume daily activities. Oftentimes, we add a plasma treatment to the Pepfactor Hair Loss Treatment plan for an additional boosting serum.

Other procedures such as transplants and grafting can be painful and leave the scalp both tender and swollen. With this solution there is only minor discomfort that most patients are easily able to tolerate. Some temporary inflammation and soreness can occur but generally subside in a short period of time.

What to expect at your 1st visit.

  1. BEFORE YOUR SESSION Your Laser Specialist will review the procedure with you, and discuss the reasons for your visit and any specific areas you would like to address during your treatment.
    1. PepFactor scalp rejuvenation system is infused into the scalp using the Microchanneling device. The microchanneling skin needling device creates opening for the PepFactor serum to penetrate into the scalp which can stimulate regenerative properties for scalp rejuvenation.
  3. AFTER YOUR PROCEDURE We will also suggest that you continue your awesome results at home and your Aesthetician will offer you home take care kits to continue this process.
  4. IT’S A WRAP! To show your therapist how much you appreciate their service, you may want to leave a gratuity. Typical industry standards on the suggested gratuity range from 15% to 20% or more. We look forward to welcoming you for your first visit!

When will I see results?

Some patients start to see new hair regrowth a few weeks after their initial Pepfactor treatment. The most noticeable improvement is at least 3 months after the initial treatment. Results vary person to person depending on the condition of the existing hair follicle and stage you are in. We recommend starting with 4 sessions(or 6 if stage 5) to provide the maximum infusion of proteins to the follicles.

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Pepfactor is available for Hair or Face Rejuvenation

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Thinning treatments

How long does the process take, and when will I see results?

With the Pepfactor plan, the average treatment cycle is 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis. This is due to hair growth occurring in varying cycles. New growth on average begins in 3-6 months, but some people see some hair growth in as little as a few weeks.

What is platelet-rich plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma, also known is a concentrated solution crafted using the platelets found in the plasma of your own blood. Apart from the platelets, the plasma solution also contains bio-active proteins along with other complex nutrients and vitamins. The concentrated plasma aids in the re-growth of hair.

How long does a Pepfactor hair treatment take?

The time required for each session, including the drawing of the blood and preparing the plasma, is based on how extensive the procedure is. Usually, a session can easily last up to 30 to 45 minutes.

Is there pain involved in PRP hair loss treatment?

While it isn’t likely to cause pain, there is mild discomfort caused by the PRP injection. Your scalp will also experience some temporary soreness as well as inflammation on the treatment area. Luckily, this is usually easily resolved and there are no other side effects. Pepfactor is infused after a microneedling treatment to the scalp.