Sun Damage, Age Spots and Melasma


Repair for your sun damaged skin has arrived – in a more convenient, less invasive and exceptionally affordable treatment: Diminish that diffused brown tone and restore a bright more even complexion with one of our choice laser treatments.

Why You'll Love It

  • Deep Penetration for Sundamaged and Melasma Skin Correction
  • An ideal treatment option for women and men alike
  • Non-surgical, highly safe and proven effective

How The treatment Works

Were you exposed to alot of sun when you were younger?

For many of us, we weren’t worried about future sun damage…we just wanted that bronze glow from the sun on our skin.

Unfortunately, over many decades, that sun exposure catches up to you and freckles, age spots and brown spots start to become visible.

Or, for some people, hormonal changes from pregnancy or medications can cause brown patches that are often referred to as Melasma.

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa we offer several different solutions for restoring a clear complexion.

Photofacial IPL (Intensed Pulse Light), Chemical Peels, a laser peel or treating individual spots are all possible options.

We also offer a take home mask specifically designed for Melasma/Sun damaged skin.

What treatments are available for sun damaged skin?

Oftentime sunspots or age spots are most visible on the face, chest, hands, arms and shoulders.
Cosmetic Laser Solutions will determine which device and treatment plan is the best for your particular sun damaged skin condition.

Options to remove sun damage include:

  • Laser individual spots – Laser can target individual spots. Scabbing forms over 3-4 days and takes approximately a week to flake off.
  • Chemical Peels – Our newest TCA peel has no downtime or burning sensation yet it is great for lightening brown spots and discoloration. It will also tighten skin smooth wrinkles. Ideally, 4 weekly sessions,once a week is recommended.
  • Laser Micro Peel – This is a light fractional CO2 peel that has 3-4 days of downtime. 1-2 treatments are usually all that is needed.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments – IPL is an excellent treatment for someone with more diffused sun damage. Diffused sun damage looks like multiple shades of pigmentation.

Most people with this type of sun damage will need a series of IPL’s to really see correction in their skin tone.

Through the years, we’ve found our patients need a series of 3-4 IPL treatments to be satisfied with their results. Our IPL device utilizes an ultra-short pulse equipped with the highest Pulse Density in the market. This provides faster visible results coupled with reduced discomfort, making it the ultimate choice for an IPL device.

  • Lightening creams  – Non Hydroquinone lightening agent. Use this for 3 months for cell turnover and lightening of the treated area.
  • For Melasma, we recommend Cystemine lightening cream, chemical peels or specialized product infusion.

We also offer an Electrode Infusion Mask is a take home mask designed to repair discolored skin from Melasma over a 30 day period.

We often combine laser technology with lightening creams to prevent new hyperpigmention from forming. A lightening cream gradually reduces existing dark spots. 

Currently, our favorite lightening cream is Cysteamine. Unlike hydroquinone, there are no known issues with continued use over a long period of time.

It can also be used over the summer months with no issues. Please reach out to us if your interested in purchasing Cysteamine.

These days, there’s no reason to have brown sun spots that age your look. Restoring your skin to an even skin tone will give you a much more youthful appearance.

How the Treatment Works

Laser treatments provide the best results for removing brown spots, freckles, sun damage, age spots, discoloration, and other hyper-pigmentation issues.

Each individual spot is treated with a laser or light beam that breaks up the pigmentation. A light crusting/scabbing will form over the next 2-3 days.

This typically sloughs off over the next 4-7 days leaving you with fresh new skin.

Lighter spots are typically removed in a single treatment. Darker spots will lighten up but may require another treatment to eliminate.

Each brown spot is unique and therefore each treatment responds differently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions for using the Melasma Mask?

There are no restrictions for the microcurrent mask. The microcurrent patch is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Individuals with especially sensitive skin may experience a slight redness where the neck patch is placed on skin. This is safe and normal and typically goes away within a couple of minutes of removing the mask.

How many Melasma Microcurrent Mask Treatments will I need?

An initial in office 1 hour treatment initiates the treatment plan. You will continue 6-8 at home sessions twice a week with the reusable mask for the next month to maximize results and achieve your desired aesthetic goal.

How many treatments will it take to remove individual age spots, acne brown spots or freckles with laser?

Generally it can take 1-3 sessions to remove dark spots.  As most people have a combination of light and darker spots, the darker spots may have to be lasered more than once to remove. 

Does the laser treatment hurt?

Most people describe it as a thin rubber band snapping on your skin. The good news is that is is not a long process.  No anesthesia is needed. After treatment, the area will feel like a mild sunburn. 

What does it look like after the treatment?

The area treated will form a dark mild crusting over the next few days.  Continued application of our intensive recovery cream is recommend for faster healing.

Can the age spots come back?

The age spot will be removed with laser but re-exposure to the sun in the area can reactivate discoloration.

What is the post care instruction?

Most often an antibacterial ointment will be applied to the area immediately after the treatment.
Gentle cleansing prior to bed is recommended and reapplication of Bacitracin or Aquaphor should be applied. The area should be kept clean and you should continue to apply the ointment until the crusting has sloughed off.

We offer an intensive healing ointment which will help you heal faster if you like.