Laser Skin Tightening


Collagen-induced laser skin tightening therapy is the gold standard for preventative skin aging and restoring skin to a more youthful looking you.

Why You'll Love It

  • Tighten and stimulate collagen
  • Ideal for loose skin

How The treatment Works

Laser Skin Tightening treatments rebuilds collagen and tightens skin. There is no surgery and no downtime!

We have several devices for skin tightening procedures. Exilis Ultra and our newest device, Scarlet RF Microneedling, are radio-frequency devices we tested and confirmed provide an ideal solution to restore and/or prevent skin aging by rebuilding collagen levels from the deep skin layer to the top layers.

With our treatment protocol, we can target various depths of skin in order to maximize collagen stimulation at each level. After evaluating many devices we chose the Scarlet RF laser for its unique delivery of radio frequency energy into the skin layers as that is paramount in redensifying collagen and elastin in the deep skin layers.  That process, in turn, creates natural looking results that gets better with time.  Rebuilding the foundation of your skin from the bottom up creates tighter skin over the long term.

  • Laser Skin Tightening is an ideal solutions for any face or body area with lax, crinkly, or loose skin
  • Scarlet RF Microneedling provides deep collagen stimulation by placing energy into the bottom layers of the skin and pushes radiofrequency waves up several skin layers.
  • Exilis Ultra has two built in technologies: Radiofrequency and Ultrasound technology which maximizes bulk surface energy for the top skin layers.
  • This combined technology provides the ultimate results for laser skin tightening

Types of Laser Skin Tightening Devices

Scarlet RF Microneedling

Scarlet RF Microneedling provides deep collagen stimulation by placing RF energy into the bottom layers of the skin and pushes radio-frequency waves upward through several layers of skin.

The radio-frequency laser energy is delivered into the skin with a cluster of thin micro needles. Unlike other microneedling devices, ScarletRF has a unique feature which allows the energy to travel in a vertical line from deeper skin layers to upper skin layers- with other RF devices the energy travels horizontally thereby missing upper skin layers. With ScarletRF energy is released at the correct level to stimulate dormant collagen. This triggers collagen growth thereby plumping, firming and tightening skin.

With ScarletRF, we recommend a 3-5 sessions (based on skin severity), each 1 month apart.

Scarlet RF Microneedling requires numbing cream prior to treatment and has minor discomfort. Some slight puffiness and redness may exist for up to 24 hours, but many people still go out to dinner that night.

Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra is unique as it not only has radio-frequency technology, but it also has ultrasound technology combined into one energy. That energy is driven from the top skin layers into lower skin layers and provides bulk surface heating in order to maximum energy and collagen stimulation at various skin levels from the top down.

Exilis Ultra is an ideal Laser Facial treatment if you are in the 28-40 age group and want to maintain skin tightness and collagen levels.

Exilis for laser skin tightening has no discomfort and no down time, making this an easy treatment to retain collagen levels.

Treatable Areas for Skin Tightening

This deep penetrating laser works to stimulate dormant collagen deep in the dermal layer in order to formulate new collagen growth which then plumps and tightens skin. It can be used to treat:

  • Full Face
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Stomach/Abdomen
  • Legs/Thighs
  • Knees
  • Hands

Frequently Asked Questions for Exilis Ultra

How many Exilis treatments are needed?

Generally, 4-6 sessions is recommended. Laser skin tightening treatments are spaced 1-2 weeks apart in order to maximize tightening. Patients can expect 40-70% improvement with a series of treatments.

What results can I expect to see after a series of treatments?

Results vary depending on your pre-existing skin condition. It takes 3 months to see the full effect of collagen building.

How long do Exilis treatments last?

Results can last up to 112-18 months. Quarterly booster treatments are recommended to maintain longer results.

What is the recovery or downtime like with Exilis Ultra?

Exilis Ultra laser skin tightening treatments have practically no discomfort and no down time, making this a “must have” treatment to retain and/or restore tighter skin on your face or body!

How many Exilis treatments do I need?

We recommend quarterly sessions if you are in the 28-35 age group. For 35+ we recommend a series of 4-6 sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart. We also suggest Exilis on a quarterly basis after Scarlet RF Microneedling in order to maintain and boost collagen levels. A customized treatment plan will be recommended during your consultation to achieve optimal improvement.

As You Approach

30-40 years old

Exilis is an ideal preventative treatment to maintain maximum collagen production. Do it every 3-4 months. 

40+ age group

You will need a series of 4-6+ sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart to restore collagen levels. Fine lines and wrinkles will soften and your skin will tighten again giving you a more youthful looking you!

50+ age group

Check out RF Microneedling!

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