Causes and Treatments for Dark Spots on Your Skin

There are several causes for dark spots on your skin, and while normally benign and not cause for concern, it is possible to have them removed cosmetically if you wish. Depending on the location, size, and color of your dark spot, there are a variety of treatment options available.

Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa is experienced and equipped to handle treatments with laser technology, as well as other treatments, that will help remove or reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin. Following a consultation with a member of our team, which can include our director, Norma Cataldo, Dr. Patrick Maraso, and Dr. Cela Doppelt, you will have access to several spa services under one roof.

Cause of Dark Spots on the Skin

Dark spots appear on the skin from a wide variety of factors, ranging from environmental to injury. How the spot(s) occur on your skin changes the best form of treatment.

Sun exposure is the number one cause of dark spots on the skin. Because of the UV rays, sunlight can cause mutations in the melanin in our skin. This does not always mean cancer – in fact, most of the dark spots from sun are benign and not cancerous. These dark spots are generally easy to remove, though they may return with continued, unprotected exposure to sunlight.

Health and hormonal changes in the body can also create blemishes on the skin, including everything from pregnancy to liver disease. These can be harder to uncover the cause for, so talking to a woman’s health specialist like Dr. Doppelt is important to learn more about treatment for both the spots your concerned over and for your own health.

The least concerning, but just as reasonable to want removed, are those caused by injury. These are the ones with no underlying factors and are simply on the surface of your skin, which makes them easiest to remove as well.

Diagnosis of Your Dark Spots

Dermatologists that specialize in skin care and conditions are best able to diagnose any dark spots or coloring that appear on your skin. With a thorough examination and some medical history, a dermatologist can pinpoint the exact cause of your dark spots, which can help identify the best type of treatment for you. Sometimes, the cause is related to habits or underlying health issues that when treated or stopped can eliminate more dark spots from appearing.

Types of Treatments

There are several types of treatments that a dermatologist can recommend and a reputable spa, like the Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa can offer. Skin lightening cream that is prescribed is one of the most common, budget friendly, and less invasive options. A chemical peel might sound scary, but it is a safe procedure that involves exfoliation of the skin with a special chemical solution that will encourage new skin to grow and reduce the overall appearance of dark spots.

Laser treatments provide some of the best and longest lasting results for those interested in reducing dark spots. There are several different types of laser treatments, but they all work by breaking down the melanin concentration that is under the skin.

Prevention of Dark Spots

Once a doctor has identified what is causing your dark spots, there are steps you can take to prevent further ones from appearing on your skin. Health issues, daily habits, and the environment all play a part in creating blemishes on our skin, but there is plenty you can do on a daily basis to prevent them from appearing.

The sun plays a huge role in causing certain types of dark spots on our skin, so do all that you can to protect yourself from it. This includes using a skincare product with SPF 30, avoiding direct sunlight when it’s strongest, wearing a hat and sunglasses, and treating skin conditions that lead to or cause inflammation.

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