Chin Fat Removal


Looking for an excellent non-surgical option for removing fat under your chin area?

We have great options for you!

Why You'll Love It

  • This is a NON-SURGICAL treatment for fat removal.
  • There are no incisions or sutures.
  • Other areas like jowls or jawline can also be done at the same time.
  • Fat cells are permanently destroyed.

How The treatment Works

Say Goodbye to your double chin!

Chin fat can be annoying, unsightly and can deflate your self esteem.

Having a procedure to reduce double chin fat can make you feel more confident and comfortable with the shape of your chin and neck.

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa, we offer two choices for chin fat removal.

AGNES RF Laser is our preferred method for fat removal as we can target areas of fat in a more precise manner.

AgnesRF is an FDA approved device that liquefies fat with radiofrequency energy.

Kybella® is an FDA-approved formula that is injected under the chin to dissolve the fat cells.

Both options are for adults with submental (under chin) fullness and will permanently destroy fat cells to improve your profile.

Services are supervised by our board-certified plastic surgeon and Laser Clinical Director.

How does Chin Fat Removal work with AGNES RF?

Utilizing AGNES RF technology, a micro-insulated needle penetrates the skin and eliminates fat deposits by selectively heating the tissue with radiofrequency energy.

Chin Fat Removal AGNESRF-Face-Contouring-Solution-1024x1024

The fat cell is permanently eliminated.

The beauty behind this method is the ability to not only remove chin fat but to contour and reshape it for a more chiseled appearance.

Additionally, while getting ride of stubborn fat cells, the energy from the radiofrequency procedure has a tightening effect so you will not have skin laxity. Collagen production is increased as well so improvement continues over 90 days. Fabulous!

We highly recommend Agnes RF as an alternative to the Coolscuplting CoolMini treatment.

The disadvantage of the Coolmini device is that it’s limited by the handpiece size.

However, with AGNES RF, there are no limitations to the size of the area being treated. In addition, AGNES RF includes a skin tightening benefit that further improves the appearance of the treatment area.

Chin Fat Removal AGNESRF-Face-Contouring-Solution-1024x1024
Before and After photo with AgnesRF

How does Kybella Work?

An alternative to AGNES RF is Kybella®. Kybella® treats under chin and neck fat by injecting a compound called sodium deoxycholate.

This substance naturally occurs in the body and aids in breaking down and absorbing fat throughout body areas.

By strategically injecting this molecule throughout the chin, you can naturally eliminate submental fullness without the need for plastic surgery or liposuction.

Treatment with Kybella involves multiple injections into the chin area. It is a little uncomfortable, but tolerable.

Kybella causes the fat cell membrane to rupture. Post treatment there is swelling which subsides over a 10 day period.

Each treatment session includes multiple small injections under your chin area and can take 20-30 minutes.

For optimal results, most patients have 4-6 treatments spaced about 2-4 weeks apart.

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Many people struggle with the appearance of excess submental fat that can make them look heavier than they actually are.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Fat Removal

When will I see results from a Chin Fat Removal Treatment?

After a fat removal treatment it generally takes 10-14 days for swelling to subside.
At this point the results will begin to appear and continue over the next 4-6 weeks. This gradual improvement allows for a more natural transition to the new looking you.

What are the possible side effects of a Kybella or AgnesRF Treatment?

You may experience redness, swelling, bruising, itching, and bearable discomfort. These side effects can last 3-10 days.

How many Chin Fat Removal Treatments will I need?

The exact number of sessions will depend on the amount of fat you have under your chin and your desired profile.
Agnes RF technology may need 1-3 sessions depending on fat layer thickness.
Kybella best results are with 3-4 sessions spaced approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart.

How much does it cost to get rid of fat under the chin area?

Unlike the cost for surgical procedures which can run $7,500 + depending on hospital expenses, many patients prefer a non-invasive option like Kybella or the Agnes RF Lipo Procedure.
Pricing can be in the $1500+ range.
If you need skin firming and tightening, we recommend combining AgnesRF Lipo with Scarlet RF Microneedling.

Is the fat permanently gone with a Kybella or AgnesRF treatment?

Yes! Both treatment options permanently remove the fat in the area treated.

How can I get rid of my double chin fat?

Our favorite device for removing fat is with AgnesRF. Fat cells are permanently destroyed and skin is tightened simultaneously!
Results start to be visible starting in 2 weeks.

AGNES RF is an innovative device that can target other face areas and concerns that were previously only treatable with surgery.

Treatable areas of concern include the eye area for under-eye bags, under eye wrinkles or upper eye laxity.

We can also tighten the jowl area or give your a jawline lift all without incisions or sutures.

Face slimming or festoon removal is also possible with AgnesRF.

Do you have active acne? AGNES RF can also treat skin areas that have an overproduction of oil.

With selective destruction of sebaceous oil glands beneath the skin, you can permanently reduce oil production in that area. You don’t need to take accutane.

Sebaceous hyperplasia, and syringoma’s are also treatable conditions with AgnesRF.

Learn more about non-surgical face rejuvenation treatment and skin tightening options at Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa in the Boston Northshore area.