Exosome Facial – X Rated


Exosome Facials are the newest in biotechnology and are crucial in regulating physiological processes.

Why You'll Love It

  • Helps with a variety of issues
  • Breakthrough technology
  • Rebuilds cells for longer lasting performance

How The treatment Works

Have you heard of the X-Rated facial? Using powerhouse growth factors otherwise known as exosomes, this treatment is much more than your typical facial. The X-Rated Exosome Facial is an incredibly effective treatment for all facial skin conditions. This anti-aging treatment, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, brightens and hydrates. Visible results are seen for alleviating redness, scars, textural abnormalities and more.

Boosting elastin and collagen production; studies show exosomes help increase fibroblast cell growth by up to 80%, and a 300% increase in elastin production. They can also help neocollagenesis (the process of making more collagen) by up to 6 times.

This powerful facial is a serum that contains OVER 2 BILLION potent GROWTH FACTORS, PEPTIDES, COENZYMES, MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS and VITAMINS in a lyophilized Exosome factor. These Exosomes play a critical role in the sestoration and regulation of the cells physiological processes. This Serum is a Regenerative complex. It is the most cutting-edge scientific biotech breakthrough for clinically proven skin rejuvenation and regeneration available.

It serves a number of purposes, including

What are Exosomes?

As we age our healthy cells become damaged. Exosomes facials can restore cell-to-cell communication. It is for exchanging RNA and other important proteins from healthy cells to damaged cells. In this exchange growth factors and other important tissues are delivered to unhealthy cells, resulting in repairing of the damaged cell. By repairing damaged cells skin rejuvenation, skin regeneration and tissue repair will restore your face to a more youthful skin appearance. Rebuild your skin cells with proteins and vitamins it needs to be its best.

  • 96% of patients with aging skin noticed a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • 98% of patients said their overall complexion looked brighter and more hydrated
  • 87% of patients say reduced redness and skin irritation

X-Rated Exosome Facial benefits

Exosome Facial – X Rated ExosomeFacial
  • Accelerating collagen remodeling.
  • Slowing aging.
  • Reducing inflammation from Rosacea.
  • Remedying sun-damaged skin (face, neck, chest, hands, arms).
  • Minimizing scars.
  • Curing melasma.
  • Clearing up acne.
  • Shrinking stretch marks.
  • Preventing of dermal aging. 

In addition, we strongly suggest using Exosomes in combination with other treatments including: Microneedling, Chemical PeelsRF Microneedling or our Signature Non-Surgical Face Procedures treatments.

Many of our patients see results after their first treatment.

For the most dramatic results we recommend a minimum of 3 treatments.

DISCLAIMER: Regenerative therapies such as Stem Cell Derived Exosome Therapy we provide is not an FDA approved treatment for any condition or disease and considered experimental. In complying with the law, we are not able to imply or claim that Exosome Therapy is able to benefit, reverse, or cure any specific disease or degenerative condition. We simply provide Exosome Therapy as an “autologous”, same day procedure, without stimulation or culturing. We hope that, combined with other therapies recommended by your doctor, Exosome Therapy may improve quality of life. All information on this website including reference to current research journals and numerous published studies are simply for educational purposes only.