How to Prevent Aging

How to Prevent Aging Skin

Existing fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, or sagging skin can be improved using laser treatments, microneedling, or injectables. However, patients without advanced signs of aging should follow a few simple steps to help avoid these issues in the first place. Often, these practices not only help retain a youthful appearance but are good for overall health as well. Here are six ways to prevent signs of aging.

Always wear SPF

Even in the winter months, wearing sunscreen or another skincare product that contains at least SPF 30 ingredients is essential to preventing signs of aging. Sun damage, such as sunspots, are a major sign of aging that are preventable from this simple step. Additionally, sun exposure increases fine lines and wrinkles. Most importantly, excess sun exposure puts you at risk for developing skin cancer. SPF is important for maintaining both your appearance and your health.

Similarly, choosing a sunless tanning method is best. Tanning beds emit the harmful UV rays that you should avoid and accelerate visual signs of aging. Instead, choose spray tans or at-home self-tanning products.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is horrible for all aspects of your health, and that includes your skin. Cigarettes will cause wrinkles and dull your complexion. The longer you smoke, the quicker your skin will age.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Studies have shown that a diet too high in refined carbohydrates and sugars can increase aging, while eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can help prevent damage. Your skin is better able to repair itself and retain a youthful glow with proper nutrition.

Use gentle cleansing techniques

Exfoliating is important, but using a rough cleanser too frequently or pulling and tugging at your skin when you wash your face can create damage. Gentle cleansers and techniques allow you to remove excess oil, makeup, and dirt or pollutants without doing damage to your appearance. If you’re unsure about your regular cleansing routine, consult with the experts at Cosmetic Laser Solutions. We offer BeautifyMD, which are medical-grade and chemical-free, and will help you choose the skin care products that are right for your complexion.

Apply moisturizer daily

Properly moisturizing the skin is crucial to preventing aging. Dryness increases the development of fine lines and wrinkles, while moisture retention gives a more youthful appearance and improves skin elasticity.

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