Introducing…The Vagina Lift with Exilis Ultra Femme

Improving Womens Intimate Areas with Exilis Ultra Femme Laser Treatment

For many woman the effect of treating their intimate areas can be very powerful. The Ultra Femme treatment often results in a dramatic improvement in self-esteem and quality of their intimate sexual life. As with all aging, the vagina is oftentime effected as well. A vagina rejuvenation treatment restores external genitalia to appear younger and more attractive and women who couldn’t enjoy sex feel 20 years

Internal therapy with the ULTRA Femme 360 requires a single-use applicator tip that directs the energy toward the entire circumference of the vaginal wall simultaneously.

The ULTRA Femme 360 procedure from BTL Aesthetics and Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa with locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is designed specifically to treat the tissue of women’s intimate anatomy.