Permanent Solution for Hair Trouble – Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is nothing short of a miracle with its ability to selectively target dark and coarse hairs without damaging the surrounding skin. It is a safe method used by many to remove and slow unwanted hair growth. Laser Hair Removal has proved to be successful because of its result-oriented and long-term hair reduction.

Known for being a complete solution to destroy unwanted hair, Laser Hair Removal works by beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicle. Thus, if shaving or waxing excess hair of arms, legs or any other body part isn’t making you happy then Laser Hair Removal is an option worth considering. Here is why:

● Cost-Effective: Traditional hair removal approaches include regular and expensive wax treatments, depilatory creams, razors and other methods which in the long-run may become inconvenient for both the pocket and mind. In other words, once you begin your journey with Laser Hair Removal the costs you bear up front are far lesser than the consistent shelling out of smaller amounts for hair removal. As a bonus, you also get to save yourself a great deal of time that is otherwise spent in shaving, waxing or fixing appointments with beauty parlors.

● Better & Precise: One of the common problems associated with older practices of hair removal of waxing, threading and epilating is the possibility of ingrown hair. Such practices are often used for short-term results such as for an occasion or event, or temporarily removed only to devote more time and money towards it. Laser Hair Removal eliminates any possibility to put up with painful and unsightly ingrown hair or tolerate razor burns or irritation through such practices and/or treatments. The equipment used in Laser Hair Removal is adjusted according to an individual’s hair color, thickness, texture, and location treated. Skin color also determines the type of Laser Hair Removal treatment to be tailored for optimum results.

● Fast & Effective: Laser Hair Removal is a more specific treatment as it can travel deeper down the pores, giving a concentrated blast of light to the follicle without damaging the surrounding tissues. Treatment time may vary from an individual to another and depend on the size of the area being treated, however, one is able to see results within the first few weeks. With about six sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart, Laser Hair Removal is an FDA approved treatment. Many patients can achieve permanent hair removal within three sessions as well.

Laser Hair Removal is an extremely controlled treatment to accomplish any desired results. In most cases, Laser Hair Removal can give you 90% or better permanent hair reduction. With permanent results available in few sessions and within a few weeks you can save time and money by not having to shave or regular waxing. Generally, Laser Hair Removal treatment is not extremely painful and most people tolerate it very well. Yet, numbing cream can be purchased if necessary. In conclusion, Laser Hair Removal is a permanent reduction in the number of regrowing hairs which is usually achieved following each treatment.

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we are committed to helping you in any way we can. Unlike many “spas” we do not rotate laser specialists and you get a dedicated laser specialist. At your initial meeting with us, your consultation will be provided by an experienced and certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist assigned to you. Among many others, our most popular services include Botox, Skin Tightening, Women’s Health Treatment– Sexual Wellness, BHRT, and more.