The Best Ways to Treat Sun Damage

When the sun finally shines, it’s normal to enjoy it as much as you can. Unfortunately, time spent in the sun can mean damage to your skin. To get the most out of your skin for the long term and enjoy a youthful, radiant look, it’s important to protect your skin and prevent sun damage.

Here are some of the best ways to do so, as well as what to know about how our team at Cosmetic Laser Solutions Medical Spa can help.

Prevent Sundamage with Sunscreen

The #1 key component to sun damage is to prevent it. A sunburn is painful and takes a toll on your skin. The damage to the skin cells can prematurely age them, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles over time. With severe exposure, it can even cause skin cancer. Applying sunscreen (at least SPF 30) every 80 minutes will counter the damage, so make sure to wear it regularly – even in the dead of winter. Another excellent option for brighter, clearer skin is a  VitCE serum.

Additionally, if you can, enjoy your sunshine early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the majority of UV exposure. The sun’s rays are the worst around the hours of 11 am to 2 pm, so staying out of the sun during those hours can help reduce the opportunity to burn. If you’re outside in the middle of the day, make sure to find shade. Wearing large hats or light long-sleeved shirts can also help with combating overexposure.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Rough Patches

Extensive damage to the skin can also lead to dry and rough patches. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to remove the damaged skin cells (either manually or chemically). Also, make sure to use an effective moisturizer and plenty of drink water throughout the day. The more hydrated you are, the smoother your skin will remain, and the more healthy you will look.

Iron Out Wrinkles

Sun damage makes for wrinkly skin. Sun  damage ages the skin faster so it will begin to show wrinkles sooner. That’s because the underlying collagen and elastin matrix has been damaged. There are a few different treatment options to combat wrinkles, both before and after they appear. Laser treatments, Botox, Collagen Booster and more should be part of your skin care regiment but prevention is key.


Add beta-carotene to your diet, which can reduce sun-related wrinkles by making the skin more elastic. It’s found in red and orange foods like carrots and other colorful vegetables. While it will stop all signs of aging, it will help with keeping you looking younger.


Retinoids, in the form of a cream or serum, can also boost collagen in the skin. Collagen is what helps your skin retain its elasticity, so it’s crucial to have some in order to keep your face smooth. Retin-A is a must have in your anti-aging skin care line.


Another method of exfoliation –microdermabrasion. It helps to remove dead skin cells while also prompting collagen growth. This serves dual purposes; by clearing your skin from what’s old and prompting the new to begin growing again, you can naturally rejuvenate your face.

Laser Peel

The laser peel uses short pulses of light to remove the sun-damaged top skin layers in order to restore new, fresh skin underneath. This method is great for individual sun spot treatments or as a full face treatment when you have an overall brown undertone.

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