What’s Better Than a Facial?

Why, of course a Laser Facial! Maximize Collagen Production & Skin Health!

What about serums and moisturizers? Will they help?

Why most topical cosmetic serums and moisturizers are not as effective and target the superficial skin layer. Many, if not all, over the counter serums and moisturizers treat only the top layer of the skin – the epidermis. Many regulatory bodies restrict cosmetic topical skin products from working within the second layer, the dermis. What happens in the dermis impacts the appearance of the epidermis. By not reaching the dermis, this is a missed opportunity to bring about reversed aging, or to protect against aging

How do I reach the dermis to maximize skin health?

Get Laser Facials! While regular facials are great, they have little impact on skin thickness.
It is the skin’s thickness that prevents aging and our approach is to bolster and fortify the deeper layers of your skin. Utilizing FDA approved lasers with radio frequency technology we can reach the dermis layers. Keeping this layer of skin at maximum collagen production will keep your skin thickness at peak levels thereby insuring tighter, firmer skin.

Does the Advanced Laser Facial Hurt?

No. There is no pain or downtime. You will have a pink, flush tone for an hour or two but that’s it! Learn more about Laser Facials… click here

Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa offers comprehensive solutions for complete facial rejuvenation. Come see us for a free consultation and we’ll design a treatment plan based on your needs.

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