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  • By Norma Cataldo
  • 26 May, 2016

8 Top Laser Face Treatments

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Different lasers are used to tackle different concerns . “Everyone wants the best results with the shortest healing period, but that isn’t always possible,” says Valencia, CA, dermatologist Bernard I. Raskin, MD. “The lighter the laser, the easier the recovery, but the less extreme your results will be.

#1. Lighter lasers (low power=less recovery time) that refine and minimize pores and fine lines

What It Is :Non-ablative fractional laser (Brand= Syneron Etwo, Level 1)

How It Works: The least invasive type of fractional resurfacing available, miniscule holes are made in skin to reveal fresher, smoother skin as it heals.

What It Costs: Starts at approximately $250

When to Do It:  A month before a big event

The Recovery: Next to none, but the 30-minute treatment can leave you a little red for about one hour (you can put makeup on right away).

The End Result: Smoother skin that boasts a healthy glow. “Some patients like the results so much that they are having a this treatment once a month to quarterly instead of having a facial,” 


Lasers that lighten pink and red pigment in the skin

What It Is: for Vascular Conditions (brand names: Vbeam, VPC, YAG)

How It Works: Uses laser energy to selectively pick up the red and pink pigment in broken capillaries, scars, redness and ruddy complexions to even out the skin, making it more uniform in color.

What It Costs: Starts at approximately $250

When to Do It: Anytime

The Recovery: None, although some patients may notice slight bruising or swelling.

The End Result: Less red ness in the skin. You can see that broken blood vessels are even sometimes diminished right away.


Lasers that get rid of hair for good

What It Is: Nd:YAG, diode and alexandrite lasers (brand names: LightSheer , GentleLase, Gentleyag)

How It Works: Transmits a beam of energy to the skin that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, stopping the cycle of hair production. If your hair is gray or very light blond, laser hair removal may not work since it will not pick up the color in the hair.

What It Costs: Starts at approximately $75

When to Do It:  In the winter when your skin isn’t tan (a tan can hinder results and cause hyperpigmentation).

The Recovery :Not much other than some redness and bumpiness around the follicle.

The End Result: Fuzz-free, smooth skin after a series of treatments. Annual touch-ups may be necessary.

Lasers  that fight stubborn acne

The Tanda ZAP Power ($79) boasts a triple-threat of technologies—blue LED light, sonic vibration and gentle warming—that help clear and fade acne breakouts within 24 hours without pain, irritation or dryness.


Medium-strength lasers that re-texturizes skin and smooths out mild acne scars, wrinkles and discoloration

Nonablative fractional laser ( Etwo - Med-High)

How It Works: This dermatologist favorite works by, “Damaging only small columns of skin, leaving normal skin in between each of the columns,” says Chestnut Hill, MA, dermatologist Jeffrey S. Dover, MD. Because the skin is safely injured, it doesn’t become damaged overall and heals faster. It’s also good for the hands, chest and neck.

What It Costs: Starts at approximately $350

When to Do It: In the middle of the winter. You don’t want to be in the sun at all after this laser, which can increase the risk of permanent pigmentation.

The Recovery: Your skin may be pink or red and will feel rough (like sandpaper) for two to three days afterward. “There will be some mild pain, redness and a raw feeling to the skin.  Keeping the treated area moist as the skin begins to flake off is important, and no matter what, don’t pick at it or pull it.

The End Result: After a series of treatments (three to six) you’ll notice softer skin that is less red. Brown spots will lighten up and scars will flatten out. Provides an all-in-one treatment for several conditions.


Erase that unwanted tattoos

What It Is: ( Alexandrite and Yag Q-Switched)

How It Works: The laser hones in on tattoo pigment in the skin to lift up the color and lighten it. The darker the tattoo dye, the easier it is to treat.  A course of treatments is necessary.

What It Costs: Starts at approximately $150

When to Do It: Anytime

The Recovery: A little crusting and swelling that lasts three to seven days

The End Result: Drastically lighter or completely erased tattoos


High energy lasers that eliminate severe lines, wrinkles, sun damage, deep acne and traumatic scars

What It Is: Ablative fractional CO2 or erbium lasers

How It Works: Ablative lasers employ the same technology as non-ablative versions just in a more powered version. Because of its long wavelength, ablative fractional lasers (specifically CO2 versions) go further into the skin. As long as the settings are adjusted accordingly, fractional CO2 lasers can be used on the full face or targeted areas such as upper eyelids, around the mouth, on the neck, chest and hands. Fractional CO2 lasers remodel collagen, which is why they produce such drastic results.

What It Costs: Starts at approximately $500

When to Do It: “It’s best to plan for a major laser procedure in the winter because there is less sun exposure and people typically have more time for healing,” says Dr. Alster. “Never undergo a laser treatment on a tan because that increases the risk of blisters and pigment changes.”

The Recovery: Typically takes seven to 10 days, but energy's can be shortened, so recovery will be more in the four to five day scenario.

The End Result: Skin will be a bit tighter and brighter overall and wrinkles will be considerably improved. The skin is remodeling itself, so as time passes you’ll look better. Typically 90 days post treatment is when you start to see more improvement, but it can take almost ocline year to see the final end result.


Lasers for Skin Tightening: (Syneron Sublime, BTL Exilis)

Over the age of 40 people begin to notice some looseness and laxity in their skin - often in the jawline/jowl area.  Laser skin tightening provides surface collagen stimulation to retract skin.  Typically 4-6 sessions are necessary depending on each persons needs.  Also a great pre-aging treatment once a month or quarterly instead of a facial.

The Recovery: No downtime, mild redness only. 

What it Cost:  Starts at $300 per session.

The End Result:  Lifting and tightness of skin.  This is a building process so gradual improvement is seen 60-90 days post each treatment.

Unfortunately, taking care of how your age faces does not happen on its own.  Come in for a free consultation to develop a Face Anti-Aging Plan for your needs.  Call 857-288-8257 or Click Here to Email Us : Schedule An Consultation. 

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By Norma Cataldo 07 Oct, 2017

What is Prerejuvenation?  Prejuvenation is being proactive about your skin - not reactive.  Makes sense, right?  Its much easier to maintain and slow down the aging skin process versus correcting skin that already has alot of sundamage and collagen loss.  The concept is to start treatments before there is an issue (as to prevent aging skin) so that it will prolong more aggressive treatments for later in your life.   Again..makes sense, right?  So what should you do? There are many short, no downtime procedures that are ideal PreRejuvenation treatments.

Remember -Be Proactive not Reactive. 

Here's what we recommend:  Muscle Relaxers: Botox, Dysport etc,  Chemical peels, Fillers, Laser Collagen Stimulation and a Medical Grade Skin Care regiment.

Muscle Relaxers :  Millions of people recognize the name Botox, Dysport etc. These wrinkle reduction injections is a quick virtually painless treatment that has no downtime and prevents the muscle from becoming stronger and thus increasing the wrinkle depth.   Common areas to begin Botox is crows feet,  frown lines (glabella) and forehead lines. Treating these areas before lines are “etched in”  is the basic concept of PreRujvenation.

Dermal Fillers : Dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid (HA) are used to improve the minor volume loss which occurs with age. Subtle enhancements can be added to the mid cheek and around the eye to delay premature volume loss. HA fillers are also used to plump up the lips to create a youthful appearance.

Chemical Peels or Light Laser Peel :  Exfoliate and reverse early sun damage.  Rrenews the texture and pigmentation and leaves a youthful and glowing quality to the skin.

LaserCollagen Stimulation: This no downtime, non-invasive laser treatments uses radio-frequency to provide deep skin penetration which stimulates collagen and prevents it from going dormant. Additionally, the intense heat retracts skin to maintain taunt, tight skin.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products :  Your body needs to drink water.  Your skin needs nutrients to maintain healthy skin cells.  Great skin care is imperative to the foundation of great skin. Its important to use some type of  Retin A or Retinol for maintaining youthful skin. A good product line with small particles for easy penetration is ideal. These products lead to increased turnover of the skin cells (pigmentation problems), thicken the skin, and create more hydrated skin. Of course moisturizer and sun block is or should be on your daily regiment. We also highly recommended applying the newest addition to a product line: stem cell growth factors are important to the skin to reverse the aging process.

Welcome to the world of PreRejuvenation!  Visit us at Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa to design a PreRejuvenation Plan for you.

By Norma Cataldo 10 Aug, 2017
For many woman the effect of treating their intimate areas can be very powerful.  The Ultra Femme treatment often results in a dramatic improvement in  self-esteem and quality of their intimate sexual life.  As with all aging, the vagina is oftentime effected as well. A vagina rejuvenation treatment restores external genitalia to appear younger and more attractive and women who couldn’t enjoy sex feel 20 years  

Internal therapy with the ULTRA Femme 360 requires a single-use applicator tip that directs the energy toward the entire circumference of the vaginal wall simultaneously.

The ULTRA Femme 360 procedure from BTL Aesthetics and Cosmetic Laser Solutions MedSpa with locations in  Massachusetts and Rhode Island is designed specifically to treat the tissue of women’s intimate anatomy.

By Norma Cataldo 01 Aug, 2017

Everyone has a spot... you know, that body area that no matter how much more dieting,

fat-burning cardio or ab work you do, nothing changes...that is, until now.

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