Voluma vs Volbella vs Vollure: About Juvederms New Products

The Juvederm Fillers: Whats the difference?

Most people may be familiar with the original Juvederm XC family of products. In a nutshell, the basic difference with the newer Vol -named Juvéderm products has to do with the molecule size and weight.

The “Original” Juvéderm XC cross-links HA molecules with a uniform molecular weight- referred to as Hylacross. The newer Vol -named Juvéderm products cross-link together both higher and lower molecular weights—this newer technology is called Vycross technology.

So, you may ask “How does the newer Vycross technology make a difference.”

So, the difference between the older, “regular” Juvéderm fillers and the newer, “Vol-something” fillers has to do with the arrangement of the HA molecules.

Lets compare Juvéderm XC and Vollure. Both are can be injected into the nasolabial folds. Both are great for smoothing smile lines and marionette lines, and softening nasolabial folds. But, Vollure’s high-low HA cross-linking gives it unique advantages:

  • It can be injected a little more deeply so it can smooth more severe folds
  • It has a little more firmness than Juvéderm XC -but it is still soft
  • It lasts longer than Juvéderm XC (up to 18 months vs. 6 to 12 months)

The next question is with the Vol family of products: Voluma vs. Volbella vs. Vollure: what’s the difference?

Now we know the difference between XC Hylacross products and the VOL Vycross process. But Voluma, Volbella and Vollure all use Vycross technology—what makes each of these products different? Each productshigh to low molecular weight HA particleshas different density’s forstrength, thickness, and spreadability and is designed for different facial areas.

  • Volbella is a finer spreadable gel— ideal for upper lip lines or delicate areas under the eyes. Lasts about 12 months.
  • Vollure has a medium density and spreadability and is great to treat nasal labial folds. Lasts 12-18months.
  • Voluma is the thickest, strongest gel—ideal for deep injection into the cheek area for lost volume and a nice cheek lift. Lasts 12-18 months.

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