Top lasers for non-invasive fat removal

UltraShape Power and Exilis Ultra is ideal for candidates that want non-invasive body contouring in areas that have been difficult to reduce even with diet and/or exercise.


Clinical Studies prove it!
 Ultrashape Power with Exilis offers the highest percentage 
of fat reduction on the market!

If You Want LASER BODY CONTOURING.... Come see'll be glad you did!
Ultrasound or Radio Frequency Technology is the best choice for Maximum Results 
 - No Pain, No Downtime, Non-Invasive Body Fat Removal! -
We have 2 Laser Options offering Ultimate Results!
Destroying fat cells with 
UltraShape Power uses Ultrasound Technology to destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer using focused ultrasound energy.

  • Highest percentage non-surgical laser fat reduction available today (32%). 
  • Finally, with UltraShape Power you can have fat loss in that "problem area". The beginning of fat reduction is usually seen within the first 14 days post treatment! Maximum results are not achieved until about 60-90 days post the final treatment.
  • Fat cells in treated area are destroyed thereby decreasing fat thickness
  • FDA approved, virtually painless 1 hr treatment
  • 3 sessions recommended;
  • Less costly than surgical liposuction and with no recovery time!

Ultrasound and Radio-Frequency are the most studied and tried-and-tested technologies for body contouring. When combined, it can increase fat and inch loss while also improving cellulite and loose skin. We recommend this protocol to maximize results and visual appeal.
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Results vary from individual to individual*
 Exilis Ultra
Radiofrequency & Ultrasound Technology for 
Skin Tightening with Fat Loss
Exilis Ultra uses radiofrequency combined with ultrasound energy to tighten the skin and increase the metabolic activity of the fat cells, which causes fat to be released and the cell to shrink. By combing both devices, an enhanced result will be achieved as fat is removed and skin tightening will be achieved simultaneously.
  • Inch and fat reduction with Exilis is usually seen 3 weeks post the 1st session; Patient satisfaction rate is high with circumferential reduction loss after 4 treatment sessions spaced at 2 week intervals.  
  • All of this occurs in a safe, virtually painless, and quick 20-40 minute office procedure with no downtime or limitations on your activities!  
  • A selection of fat cells are destroyed if the temperature ranges achieved are high enough
  • Affordable, cost effective solution
If the skin in the treated area already has some laxity, an Exilis Skin Tightening treatment post an Ultrashape Power fat reduction session is recommended.

Is Non-Invasive Laser Fat Removal Right for you?

  • If you are struggling with pockets of fat that won't diminish even with diet and exercise programs.
  • If you have an undesirable "problem area" on your body i.e. abdomen, flanks, back or thighs, etc.
  • If you wish to achieve a trimmer appearance without having to undergo surgery. 
  • You've been thinking about it for awhile. It works and its safe. UltraShape and Exilis procedures target fat cells in a particular area, whilst protecting the outside layers of skin, nerves and blood vessels in a virtually non-painful way. Fat cells are destroyed with ultrasound or radiofrequency thereby reducing volume in the treated area.
This treatment is ideal for women and men who want effective fat removal in a problem area of their body without surgery.
Do you know...
that the number of fat cells (adipocytes) your body has remains the same, but their size and volume can change based on the fat (lipid) content the body decides to store?

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Does UltraShape Power Work?

Yes, both devices and technology work. We offer 2 solutions so that we may determine which body contouring or skin tightening procedure will help you achieve your goals within your budget.

Want EVEN BETTER Results? You can by using both UltraShape Power & Exilis Ultra at the same time!

Choosing Cosmetic Laser Solutions gives you the added option of combining 2 technologies. Studies have shown that when both devices are combined, the results are significantly better than using UltraShape or Exilis only. Using either UltraShape or Exilis alone will achieve fat reduction but adding Exilis Radio-Frequency to an UltraShape Power treatment can increase fat loss, along with improving skin texture and tightness of the treated skin. 

The results are long-term and are U.S. FDA proven and approved.

UltraShape Power & Exilis Pre-Treatment Instructions:

Hydration is an extremely important component for successful improvement of the area being treated.
  • Drink 64oz of water starting 2 days prior to your treatment (if you have an alcoholic beverage, add additional water to compensate for each drink.)  
  • Wear lightweight clothes to your treatment
  • Eat healthy - avoid high fat foods
  • For Exilis treatments take Advil or Motrin for added comfort 1hr prior to your treatment time
  • Plan on a 20-30 minute cardio workout post treatment
 We can not treat patients with metal implants or that are pregnant.
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