How to Get Rid of Fat in a “Problem Area” of Your Body

How to get rid of fat in a problem area of your body like abdomen or love handles.

Answer: Get #Ultrashape Power for Laser Fat Removal. No Pain, No Downtime, Just Less Fat!

Everyone has a spot… you know, that body area that no matter how much more dieting, fat-burning cardio or ab work you do, nothing changes…that is, until now.

UltraShape is 3 Painless treatments that will destroy Fat Cells. Don’t wait any longer. Do something about it ………..Get UltraShape treatments now.

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Why get UltraShape vs other popular non-surgical methods such as Coolsculpting?

First, lets talk about Coolsculpting. CoolSculpting destroys fat cells by using a clamp on device to freeze the fat vs UltraShape uses focused, pulsed ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer. Here are a couple of advantages of using ultrasound vs. extreme temperatures in fat removal:

  • UltraShape results with ultrasound provides an even reduction in the area treated vs Coolsculpting can leave a rolling or depressed area of reduction in the treated area from where the clamp was.
  • UltraShape has No bruising and virtually no recovery time.
  • Ultrasound allows for a painless experience— because the fat isn’t heated or frozen, patients have reported little to no pain.
  • UltraShape patients see results quicker than other types of non-invasive body treatments like CoolSculpting. Oftentime in as little as two weeks, many patients have seen results.
  • Ultrashape treatment time is 1-2 hours vs 1-4 hours for Coolsculpting.

With so many great reasons, don’t you think UltraShape Power should be your preferred choice for Body Contouring?
Stop procrastinating. Come in for a free consultation to determine if you’re a candidate for a #UltraShape #BetterBody.

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