Ultrashape Power vs. CoolSculpting

UltraShape Power vs. Coolsculpting

Why is Ultrashape Power better???

Studies have shown that UltraShape Power can reduce fat deposits by around 32% whereas Coolsculpting offers 20% to 25% fat reduction.
The UltraShape Power device utilizes radiofrequency to destroy the fat permanently. Why is this better? – No Pain or Downtime!

A key to best results with Ultrashape Power requires some effort on the patient side – namely, healthy eating, high water hydration (no alcohol!) and some cardio activity. The UltraShape Power is typically preferred over Coolsculpting which freezes the fat cell in a clamp like device. With Coolsculpting some discomfort is noted during the initial freezing process and then again during the post massaging of the “block” of skin. Many patients expressed zero discomforts with UltraShape Power, but with Coolsculpting, some bruising, swelling, and tenderness were noticed for up to eight weeks.
Plus! – Ultrashape Power has no limitations as to the shape of the area being treated. Coolsculpting only allows as much fat that will fit into the clamp to be treated. Ultrashape Power can treat whatever shape is necessary for your desired outcome.

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