Ultrashape Power, Ultrashape You!

No matter how many times we exercise or eat healthy on regular basis, discovering that there are “problems areas” on our body which we can’t seem to lose downgrades our personal appearance. With current technological advancements, however, it is now more than easier to achieve fat reduction through non-invasive, painless and secured methods. One of such non-invasive body contouring treatments come in the form of Ultrashape Power to restore your confidence, self-esteem and achieve desired body shape. Ultrashape Power removes fat permanently. To demonstrate how this non-invasive body contouring treatment reduces fat from problem areas, let us look into it.


● What is Ultrashape Power?

Ultrashape Power is a complete and permanent body contouring solution to reduce fat without any surgery or invasive methods. It only targets fat cells and leaves surround tissues -blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves- unharmed and protected. Ultrashape Power was designed to resonate at the specific frequency that most affect fat cells.

Simply put, Ultrashape Power is destroying fat cells with Ultrasound technology.

There’s no downtime, no anesthesia is required and is FDA approved.

● How does Ultrashape Power works?

Ultrashape Power treatment uses focused pulse ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells beneath the skin immediately, which makes Ultrashape Power system unique as this body contouring treatment discards less effective method of cold or heat to zap fat cells and destroy them.

Ultrashape Power works, for instance, as a magnifying glass focusing a point of light. As the acoustic waves of energy are focused at a point below the skin surface through the transducer, ultrasound energy is delivered. This focused ultrasound is what makes the body contouring treatment- Ultrashape Power- effective as the waves cause rapid changes in pressure and creates bubbles in the fluid between stubborn fat cells. At the microscopic level, these bubbles collapse from rapid changes in pressure which leads to the walls of the fat cells to rupture. The targeted cells instantly vaporize, easily removed by the lymph system and excreted through the urine.

● For patients

As a patient there is less time investment for the treatment. Virtually painless body contouring treatment, maximum results of the fat reduction may not be fully achieved until about 60-90 days post the final treatment, however, the beginning of fat reduction is usually seen within the first 14 days post treatment. Three sessions are recommended (may vary from individual to individual) and is less costly than surgical liposuction. Another advantage of Ultrashape Power post-treatment is that it comes with no recovery time.

● Why choose Ultrashape Power Laser Fat Removal?

Ultrashape Power laser fat removal, on one hand, targets the subcutaneous fat or the outer layer that is most difficult to reduce with diet and exercise. On the other hand, diet and exercise is most effective on Visceral fat or the interior layer. Thus, it allows you to lose more weight in less time. In addition to eradicating the subcutaneous fat, Ultrashape Power has the highest percentage of fat reduction of any laser device- 32 percent and comes with 3D mapping of your treatment, which ensures that throughout the body contouring treatment the energy is delivered uniformly in areas which need it the most. Due to the 3D mapping of the treatment any body contouring irregularities are also minimized.

In conclusion, Ultrashape Power offers a permanent, non-invasive and cost-effective body contouring solution to destroy fat rather than melting it with visible results within two weeks. Cosmetic Laser Solutions Medical Spa, Massachusetts, recommends three laser fat removal treatments, spaced two weeks apart. In addition, maintaining high water hydration is required to assist your body in clearing the fat from your system.

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