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Cosmetic Laser Solutions wants to be transparent about our pricing. Here is a list of our most popular procedures and pricing* for the Boston area.

Cosmetic Laser Solutions offers many treatment options. As there are so many options in this industry we will educate you on what solutions, devices and results you can expect. We recommend a virtual or in-office consultation to determine a customized treatment plan that will optimize your outcome.
**Multiple procedures could be discounted

Botox (20-50 units)$13-$15 unit
Botox – New Patient Offer & Ongoing Clients every 3-4 months$12 unit
Botox Party -Friends Get Together – Minimum 4 guest$11.50/unit
Botox Club – monthly membership program – $99mo$12 unit
Botox by Jeuveau$12 unit
Filler Appointment – Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, Restylane etc$500-
Belotero Balance with Lidocaine (tear troughs)$600
Radiesse 1.5ML – Nasal Folds or Cheek Volume$650
Restylane 1ml w/ Lidocaine – Lips or Tear troughs$650
Juvederm Ultra XC – Lip/Nasal Fold Enhancement$700
Juvaderm Ultra Plus XC (For Deep Nasal Folds)$700
Volbella XC 1ml$600
Vollure XC 1ml$650
Voluma – Cheek Volume$750
Face – Sculpting by Contouring, Tightening, Fat Removal or Lift with AgnesRF 
Jawline Lift – NonSurgical(beyond Ultherapy)$2000
Jowl Tightening/Lift/Fat Reduction$1500
Double Chin Fat Removal Pkg – 2-3 sessions, 1-3 months apart$1000 ea
✨Face Rejuvenation Bundles
✨The BeautifyMD Facial Level 1 – Includes RF Microneedling with topical Exosome serum – ideal for moderate rejuvenation to improve skin quality, fine lines and wrinkles.$999
✨The BeautifyMD Facial Level 2 – Includes RF Microneedling and non-ablative laser with topical ExosomeMD serum – ideal for moderate rejuvenation to improve pigmentation, skin tone and quality, fine lines and wrinkles
✨The BeautifyMD Facial Level 3 – Includes RF Microneedling, non- ablative and ablative treatment with topical ExosomeMD serum- ideal for moderate to severe rejuvenation to improve pigmentation, skin texture, clarity, fine lines and wrinkles
✨The BeautifyMD Facial Level 4 – Includes Facial Contouring AgnesRF Macroneedling , RF Microneedling, non- ablative and ablative laser treatment and topical ExosomeMD serum – ideal for moderate to severe rejuvenation to to improve firmness pigmentation, skin texture, clarity, fine lines and wrinkles
AgnesRF/ScarletRF combination (Contour & Tighten)custom
Eye Treatment Solutions
Eyes Bags – NonSurgical (1-3 sessions)$900 ea
UnderEye/Crows Feet Skin Tightening/Wrinkle Removal – 3 session pkg$1800 pkg
Microneedling | RF Microneedling 
Microneedling Treatment $275
Microneedling with PRP Growth Factors (blood draw) $775
RF Microneedling| Face Skin Tightening – One Session with ScarletRF or Morpheus8 *Growth Factors add on recommended) $800
RF Microneedling with Scarlet – 3 Session Face Pkg-Top Performer (*Growth Factors add on recommended)$2,200 pkg
RF Microneedling Face & Neck with Scarlet Or Morpheus8 3 Sessions(*Growth Factors add on recommended)$2,800 pkg
Fat Removal -Non Surgical with Ultrasound
Ultrashape Laser Fat Removal (approx 5×8 area)$ 750 ea
Ultrashape Fat/Exilis Skin Tightening Combovaries
Acne Scars** 
RF Microneedling for Acne Scarring on Cheeks Per Session (*Growth Factor add-on recommended)$500 +
Fractional CO2varies
Synergy Plan: AgnesRF/RF Microneedling/Exosome Bundlecustomized
**consultation is recommended due to complexity
Stretch Mark Solutions
RF Microneedling for Body Areas: Skin Tightening | Stretch Marks -Per Session (*Growth Factor add-on recommended)$750-
Fractional CO2 –$850+
Redness Treatment – Vascular Component$500+
Laser Hair Removal 
Laser Hair Removal for Small Area – per session$99
Laser Hair Removal for Medium Area (Face, Bikini Ext)- per session$135
Laser Hair Removal Large Area (Back, Legs,etc)- per session$400
Lip (upper)$25-$99
Lip & Chin Bundle$125
Lip/Chin/Sideburns Hair Removal$175
Bikini Line$99
Bikini – Extended$125
Bikini – Brazilian$175
Arms – Full$150
Arms Fore$125
Legs – Upper Legs | Thigh Area$300
Legs (Lower)$200
Back-Shoulder Blades$200
Toes W/Other RX –$50
Spa Treatments: Facials, Peels & More 
Microneedling ( no RF Energy) (*Add Growth Factor)$275
Advanced Facial with Laser- No Downtime Collagen Stimulation with Exilis Ultra$375
Skin Tightening TCA Chemical Peel – No Downtime! No Peeling! Wow!$299
Skin Tightening TCA Chemical Peel – No Downtime! No Peeling! Pkg of 4 weekly sessions$1000
Dark Circle Under Eyes Rejuvenation – 6 weekly sessions$950
Infusion Facial – HA$125
Melasma/Sun Damage Mask- Fine lines, Sun Damage, Melasma Take home kit – (evens complexion)$299
Fibroplast PlasmaFuture
Peptides and Growth Factors for Cell Regeneration/Face Rejuvenation
Growth Factor Pepfactor Peptides for Face Rejuvenation includes Microneedling$600
Growth Factor Peptides for Face Rejuvenation included Microneedling- 4-6 treatments Package- weekly sessions$2-$3,000
Growth Factor Benev Exosome Cell Regeneration – add on post RF Microneedling$300
Rosacea/Photofacials/Spider Veins 
Rosacea|Angioma|Facial Veins
 |Broken Capillary Treatment
Leg Veins – Laser Spider Vein Removal$250
IPL Photofacial: Red & Brown Pigmentation Correction$275
Sundamage/Freckles/Age Spots
IPL Sundamage/Brown Pigmentation Correction$275
AgeSpots/Freckles/SunSpots Treatment$150+
IPL with No Peel, Peel (Combo treatment on same day – Brightens/Tightens/Complexion Correction)$500
Tattoo Removal 
Tattoo Removal Consult & Treatment$100 and up
Tattoo Removal Session$100 and up
Collagen Stimulation/ Skin Tightening – No Downtime 
Exilis: Non-Invasive Face Skin Tightening
 – No Downtime! – 1 session
Exilis: Non-Invasive Face Skin Tight
 – No Downtime! – pkg of 4
Eyes Upper and Lower – Exilis Treatment – No Downtime – 4 sessions recommended$350 per RX
– Also see Microneedling/RF Microneedling
Hair Loss Rejuvenation
Hair Restoration Growth Factor (No blood draw)- 4 treatment Pkg – weekly (Microneedling with Growth Factor Solution)$2000
Hair Restoration – (No blood draw) ( 1 session (microneedling with Growth Factor Solution)$600
Laser Resurfacing
Fractional CO2 – Wrinkles/Pigment/Scars$1,950
Ematrix- Pores/Texture/Discoloration$350 per
Acne/Oily Skin Control
AdvaTx Acne Control – Acne Control –  Popular acne treatment –
kills bacteria on the surface and in the skin to prevent breakouts.(Wilmington office only)
Smoothbeam Treatment – Oil Skin Reduction$150-
Vagina Rejuvenation | Urinary Incontinence
Viveve Vagina Rejuvenation for Tightening and/or Incontinence
1 Treatment Protocol
Viveve Vagina Rejuvenation for Tightening and Urinary Incontinence
1 Treatment Protocol
Vagina Ultra Femme 360 Treatment – Yearly Maintenance for Vagina Rejuvenation $750
OShot Treatment$1,495
VFit + at home femme maintenance (* 25%off when purchased with a Laser treatment)$475
Cellulite Treatment
Cellulite Treatment with Exilis Ultra- 1 session$400
Cellulite Treatment with Exilis Ultra- pkg of 4 sessions$1,500
Exilis Skin Tightening /Fat Reduction for Body Areas$400
Laser Nail Fungus Treatment 
Nail Fungus Consult & Treatment$250
Nail Fungus 2nd/3rd Session – 2 Hands/Feet$220
Nail Fungus One Hand or Foot-$149
Pain Management: Analgesia-
Pronox for Agnes or Scarlet: Nitrous-Oxide & Oxygen (Laughing Gas – can drive home)$75
Lidocaine/Tetra Numbing Cream$50

*The above price list is only a guideline and individual costs may vary based on our specific treatment plan.

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